Portugal The Man 07.25.2017

With rain showers looming the distance a sold out crowd filled the hill at Red Butte Gardens Amphitheater.  The anxious crowd all there to see and support Portugal The Man as their summer tour landed into the SLC.  PTM has a history here in Utah going back to the bands early years when they were getting their start, reminded of the days when John Gourley would be playing with his back to the crowd as he was learning the guitar.  John was raised and the band was started in Wasilla, Alaska where John’s father raced dogs, set back in a small town there was not much of a social scene leaving John to be somewhat recluse.  These fears have since subsided as John and his band mates: Zach Carothers, Kyle O’Quin, Jason Sechrist and Eric Howk appear to very comfortable together on stage,  some members have come and gone but they have really evolved and matured as a band.  The fans were full of energy throughout the evening, dancing, bouncing and singing along as the band played through their set.  They opened the evening jamming Metallica, rolling the Metallica jam into Pink Floyd “Another Brick In The Wall.”  They didn’t go back too far playing mostly music off their most recent albums and the musicianship has come a long way for them as they rolled through “Purple Yellow Red and Blue,” Feel It Still,” “Head Is a Flame,” “Got It All,” “Waves,” “So Young,” “Modern Jesus,” “All You Light,” also throwing some covers of Ghostface Killah “Kilos,” transitioning into a Beatles jam.  They never let up throughout the evening and neither did the faithful followers.  The storms rolled past without a drop of rain, though it would not have made a difference to this crowd PTM played on extending the jam on some of the favorites “So American,” Hip Hop Kids,” “Holy Roller,” and as they said their goodbyes and exited the stage, this crowd was not going to let them leave just yet.  PTM came back out and played “Number One” and “Atomic Man”  before letting the full house out into the evening.  I have seen PTM multiple times at multiple venues and would have to say this was one of my favorite shows, they have a faithful fan base too showing their love for the band and the music and when they return, so will we.