Kamasi Washington 8-3-17

When Kamasi Washington was 13 years old he picked up his father’s saxophone he left lying around at their home. He had never played before yet was able to belt out his favorite song at the time. Soon thereafter, he was at the prestigious Hamilton Music Academy.

Kamasi Washington showed up in Pioneer Park for the first installment of the Twilight Series for the month of August and could have gone easy. This show was a quick stop before heading off to Redrocks to play with an all star cast for the 75th birthday of Jerry Garcia. But instead of being a warm up, Kamasi showed Salt Lake what he was made of.

This show did not boast the largest crowd in Twilight history but those that were there witness greatness. Kamasi Washington is not only taking on the Jazz scene but the entire music scene. He came out and everyone in attendence heard sounds I haven’t heard since seeing Ornette Coleman. This young man and his band are something to behold.

While most of the crowd was unfamiliar with the music, Kamasi showed that the NBA basketball team was the second best Jazz squad in town, at least for this night.