The Welcome Return of Marcus King

The Marcus King Band made its much anticipated return to Salt Lake City after their debut here back in November. Since then, Marcus King has been just about everywhere. In fact,  he may be taking the crown from his mentor Warren Haynes as the hardest working man in rock and roll. This was the third time we have had the pleasure of seeing this band, in Salt Lake twice and at The Fox, in Boulder, CO. We will also have the pleasure of seeing The Marcus King band at Peach Fest next month. This band is everywhere!

The Marcus King Band was amazing last November, but showed up in Salt Lake on July 10th showing immense growth as a band. The band played two sets and extended the jams, delighting the sold out crowd at The State Room. Heard among the crowd were members of the audience saying they were blown away and they were not disappointed.
Marcus King delighted the crowd with favorites such as “Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong With That” and “Rita Is Gone”  and introduced a new song written by Eric Krasno this will be on the next album which we hope will be coming soon. Marcus also stretched out on an “Elenor Rigby” jam and covered “Dreams” by The Allman Brothers. The band is growing by leaps and bounds and becoming ever more comfortable with each other and the limelight of being on the stage.
Once again, I left the State Room blown away by the talent of this young man and his band and the stage presence he has at the spry age of 21. Marcus King should be around for a long time, but you may not be seeing him in such intimate settings for long. Last time we said “If you missed The Marcus King Band’s debut in Salt Lake on November 22nd, you missed a huge opportunity. This band may not be playing small venues for long.” Well we still got to see Marcus at the same place, but the 5 dollar tickets were 18 this time, and worth every penny mind you and I stand by my statement. I can’t wait to say I saw this guy when……………