Fruition 6-24-17

The Utah Arts Festival brought in Portland based band Fruition to play on the Festival Stage Saturday night June 24th. The night was warm and the crowd was enjoying drinks and the sights and sounds of the art on a beautiful Salt Lake evening. The only thing disappointing about the show or the evening was the late start which didn’t give the band much more than an hour and 15 minutes or so to play. For those who have seen this band or followed them over the last several years, they could have played much longer.

The State Room has hosted this band in the past and it was different and fun to get to see them on a larger stage and they didn’t disappoint. For those who were new to the band, they got a treat of a fun night of music. The band played “I Can’t Stop from 2015 and went into a set of mostly new tunes including “I Don’t Mind”, “Sante Fe”, and the title track from their latest release “Labor Of Love”.

Describing this band is difficult. Are they alternative country, bluegrass, Americana, or a jam band. While Fruition fits into each category they don’t fit into any either. We will leave that to the listener to decide, but any way you choose this band is an up and comer gaining steam playing bigger and bigger stages and many large festivals this summer. Salt Lake was fortunate to get this band with how busy they are staying in 2017.

Seeing Fruition play reminds me why I love music. Seeing bands play who love to do so and are traveling bringing people music for the love of it is so refreshing. Seeing this band reminds me exactly why for Fruition and myself music is a “Labor of Love”.